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Mirror Sites

Behold the pretty: The new site for Broken Mirrors. Yes, I allowed myself to be dragged from the land of hand-coded HTML into the current century and set up a WordPress blog, so you can subscribe to the site via RSS if you do that sort of thing. taerin kindly made a livejournal syndication feed, so you can do that as well.

Updates will begin March 8, by 9 am Pacific time, and will continue every Monday thereafter until the serial is done (20-25 weeks, I'd guess).

I'm debating whether to include "behind the scenes" commentary with each chapter the way I did with Bone Shop. Did you all like that? If so I might just do it as a comment on each entry, rather than a separate post, to keep from cluttering up the feed.

Let me know if you see any typos or mistakes or etc. on the blog, too, please.


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