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I’ve sold about 50 copies of the 99-cent e-book of The Nex in the past couple of days, which is five times as many as it sells in an average month. Nice to be reaching a lot of new readers (though it needs to sell another 50 copies at this price point to match the royalties I made selling those ten copies at $4.99). I’ll be keeping my eye on it, but this is promising.

The Nex is now available for 99 cents at the B&N store, too, for you nook users.

If you bought it: thanks! Hope you like it!


It’s Wednesday, which means: A new story in the Alphabet Quartet! This time it’s “J is for Junk.” (And subscribers have already gotten “K is for Kinky” in their e-mail inboxes.)


Signed a couple of short story contracts this week. My horror piece “Hell’s Lottery” should be in the next issue of Bull Spec, due out in mid-April. This story has been sold twice before to magazines that folded before it could be published, so let’s hope the curse doesn’t continue, hmm? (And, yes: I told the editor about the story’s magazine-killing properties, and he boldly chose to accept it anyway.)


Wrote about 2600 words yesterday on the novel in progress. Total stands at around 85,000 words and the end is so very much in sight. And once it’s turned in, I won’t have another novel due until August! Why, that’s months away! In fact, that sounds like a problem for Future Tim.

I was going to take it easy in April to let my brain recharge, but I have about three short stories promised to people that I need to write, so I guess my brain will just have to switch to reserve power. (Actually, writing short stories is sufficiently different from writing a novel that it’ll feel like a refreshing change.)

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