January 4th, 2011

Dead Reign

New Year = New Books

Home today with a sick kid — though it’s my regular day off, not a special sick day. Poor little guy. He just has a persistent cough and a mild fever, though, not another Abominable Pukefest, so that’s some consolation. If he feels better later today we’ll go out, since it’s supposed to be sunny. At the very least we should do some shopping for necessities and mail some letters. (I know — mail! Letters! But some things, like checks and contracts, still require a touch of the ol’ physicality.)

Speaking of contracts: Yesterday I started off 2011 right by signing and sending back not one but two book contracts. They’re both fun work-for-hire things, one pseudonymous, one under my name — I’ll tell you about the latter in more detail when I can. I’m now booked up through August 1, 2011. It’s nice to have work, even if it means writing 200,000 words in 7 months. (Actually, after last year, that doesn’t sound as unreasonable as it once would have.) This will, naturally, delay other books I have planned that aren’t under contract. If I write a sixth Marla novel this year, it likely won’t be until autumn, and may not happen until 2012.

I just finished my serial of The Nex, so if you want to read the whole thing in one gulp for the low low price of free, help yourself. I still need to do the single-page HTML version, but it’ll be along.

It occurs to me that I’ve now written and sold enough books that I can’t remember, offhand, the exact number I have published or pending; I’d have to count. That’s got to be some kind of milestone. (I could count, and without recourse to my bookshelves or any lists online to jog my memory, though. Having written so many books that I can’t even remember some of them is a milestone for another year, I think.)

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