January 13th, 2011

Dead Reign

Short Short Long Long

Hey! It’s roundabout midway through another week, which means there’s another Alphabet Quartet story for lucky Daily Science Fiction subscribers, “B is for Banyan Tree”… and those of you who don’t subscribe can read last week’s “A is for Arthur” on their website! This is less flash than a bona fide short story, and the others are much shorter — we just figured we’d start you out with a bang. (By “we” I mean me and my co-conspirators Heather Shaw, Jenn Reese, and Greg van Eekhout.)

I just signed contract for an indie filmmaker to do a short film of my story “Morris and the Machine”; I’ll say who it is when I can. (He wants to get his website updated so I can point you all toward something pretty.) He’s very passionate about the story, and has made some cool genre short films before, so I’m excited.

I’ve been working mostly on a Project That Must Not Be Named, but it’s due in April, so you won’t have to endure more than another ten weeks of occasional cryptic comments, fear not. It’s keeping me occupied, and has some interesting challenges. Once it’s done, I start writing my Pathfinder novel, which I can reveal is tentatively titled City of the Fallen Sky. That’s maybe my favorite of any title I’ve ever come up with for any book.

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