January 19th, 2011

Dead Reign

Green Yellow Red BLACK

My story “A Void Wrapped in a Smile” just sold to newish online magazine Basement Stories, so look for that in their fourth issue. It’s a Marla Mason story, sort of, though Marla only appears in a scene or two. It’s mostly about Joshua Kindler, a secondary character in Poison Sleep, exploring why he was the way he was and why he did the terrible things he did. It’s meant to be standalone story accessible to new readers, though if you’ve read PS it may have extra resonances. It has one of the coolest fantasy elements I’ve ever devised.

It’s Wednesday, and that means: You can read “B is for Banyan Tree” on the Daily Science Fiction website, the latest in The Alphabet Quartet series. (Subscribers got “C is for Crate” in their e-mail today.)


Life is a busy boiling cauldron of busy-ness. I need to finish up a short story this weekend, write another story next month, work on a book proposal this week, do some last revisions to my middle grade book so my agent can start sending it out, continue work on the novel in progress (due April 1!), write a foreword… I may need to make a to-do list. Possibly in multiple colors indicating triage priority levels. It wouldn’t be so bad, but we’re finishing up the monster February year-in-review issue at work this week, so I’m pretty exhausted when I get home, and won’t get a day off until Friday (at least, I hope I get to take Friday off). Things should calm down after tomorrow, though, and I can get back on track.

All this work is severely cutting into my Xbox time.

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