January 25th, 2011

Dead Reign

Fine Eyes

Good news! We took our kid in for a pressure test to assess the state of his glaucoma, as we do a couple of times per year… and for the first time we didn’t have to do it under anesthesia. He’s old enough now for us to talk to him, explain to him what’s going on, and reassure him, so we decided to try it with his opthamologist in the office. He did beautifully — didn’t cry or freak out at all, or even seem particularly afraid. His pressures are well within normal range, which is fantastic news. So what’s normally an all-day ordeal with going to the hospital in San Francisco, waiting for doctors, getting him anesthetized, waiting for him to come out of anesthesia, etc., was instead accomplished in less than an hour at the office a few miles from our house. This is a huge benefit for us. (And, also, vastly cheaper, since we don’t have to pay an anesthesiologist.)

One eye seems stronger than the other, so he’ll have to wear an eyepatch for a few hours a day for the next few months, at least, to make his other eye stronger. But it’s a lot better than surgery, eye drops, etc., which we’ve endured often enough in the past.

Since he was so good, I took him to the zoo, where we rode the train, and various kiddie rides, and looked at camels and zebras and giraffes and meerkats and so on. He’s sitting on the couch now with his zoo map, pointing out all the stuff he did. Such a cutie.

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