March 2nd, 2011

Dead Reign

The Push

Another Wednesday — another Alphabet Quartet story! “H is for Horse” can be read at Daily Science Fiction today.

I’m taking a vacation day from A Certain Magazine today, so I can… work a lot. There’s just a month left before my deadline on the current novel, which is still a good 35 or 40K words short of being finished. I spent two days bogged down and unable to get through what seemed like a simple, straightforward scene, but while taking a walk with the kid yesterday, something clicked in my brain and I figured out why — the scene as planned was all wrong. Fortunately, my brain knew how to fix it. My subconscious was unwilling to let me move forward and write the wrong version of the scene. Very considerate, really. Wish the old undermind always kept me from doing stupid things, but I’ll take what I can get. I managed to get a couple thousand words done yesterday, and hope to get many more done today. Wish me luck. And coffee.

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