June 20th, 2011

Dead Reign

Impossible Dreams: The (Short) Movie

Behold! The trailer for a short film by Shir Comay based on my Hugo Award-winning story “Impossible Dreams.”

(If that embedded video doesn’t play for you, try this link instead.)

I’ve seen a not-quite-final cut of the whole film, and it’s really lovely, retaining much that I love about my own story without being a literal or slavish adaptation, and with the director’s personal vision shining through.

So: how cool! The first film inspired by my work! And it’s a movie of a story that’s all about movies. (So meta.)

A couple of years ago the director got in touch and asked if he could make a short, non-commercial Hebrew-language film, and my agents and I said, sure. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much — I figured it would be a couple of the director’s college roommates as actors, mumbling their lines into the camera. Instead he got the marvelous Ayala Zilberman and Ori Yaniv, who do an awesome job. It’s going to be in the Jerusalem Film Festival, and the director plans to submit it to some international festivals as well.

I’ve been full of “Whee!” about this for a week. Hope you all enjoy the trailer, and if and when it’s possible to point you toward the full film, I will.

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