July 7th, 2011

Dead Reign

Swimming with Sharks

Since July 2nd, I’ve written 25,000 words on City of the Fallen Sky. I’m close enough to the end that I can count the number of scenes remaining. (I mean, it’s a lot of scenes, but it’s no longer innumerable.) I have the kid with me today, and my wife will be at work, so I’m solo parenting. Even so, I hope to get a little written today as well. Join me in wishing the child a long and peaceful afternoon nap. I expect to have a draft of the book finished by this time next week, which would give me two whole weeks to revise it! Such luxury!

I finished Dance with Dragons yesterday. Since pretty much all my favorite characters were absent from Feast for Crows, this book was basically made of happiness for me. (Well. Except for all the bad stuff that happens. And it’s not spoilers to say bad stuff happens in a Martin novel.)

My Marla Mason story “Shark’s Teeth” is now 99 cents in the Kindle store. (I’ll upload it to B&N soon too.) It’s the latest Marla story, chronologically speaking, taking place after the events of Broken Mirrors, but it’s meant to work entirely as a standalone. (It’s still free to read at Daily Science Fiction too, for those content with HTML.)

Shark's Teeth cover

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