August 30th, 2011

Dead Reign

A Much-Needed Void

New story online: “A Void Wrapped in a Smile” at Basement Stories. A novelette! Meant to be a standalone, though also sorta kinda a Marla Mason story (though she’s only in a scene or two) — it’s about Joshua Kindler, a character from my novel Poison Sleep. (Thanks to Arachne Jericho for asking me to write a story about Joshua. I’m not sure I managed to make him sympathetic, exactly, but I tried to make him comprehensible.)


Speaking of Marla, Grim Tides made the front page of Kickstarter today as the featured fiction project. Sweet!


We got a final copy of the trade paperback of Briarpatch at A Certain Magazine today. Holy crap, is it gorgeous. I’m so happy.


I thought I had another novel to announce imminently, but the publisher has asked me to keep the pseudonym a secret until after it comes out, so, uh, I’ll tell you in a year or so? This will be the fourth separate byline I’ve had on a novel (counting T.A. Pratt), and my fifth byline total, including the ‘nym I use for porn short stories. I don’t really mind; at least I’m working. And I have a few books coming out under my own name next year anyway. I remain a Man of Mystery.

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