September 6th, 2011

Dead Reign


I broke $10K in my Kickstarter fundraiser for Grim Tides over the weekend. (Holy crap. And thanks to Kevin Hogan for putting me over the top.) So that means I’ll commission original cover art; once I confirm that the artist I have in mind is still available and interested, I’ll announce details. Whee!

Nine days to go. Lots of prizes still to be had. Can’t wait to see what the final total turns out to be!

Over the weekend I wrote the first chapter of Grim Tides (and half of chapter three, because I wanted to write about my villains a bit), and I’m really pleased with how it’s going. Murder, wave-mage hive-mind surfer/sorcerers, a magical bookshop with kleptomaniac tendencies, a giant eel oracle, the return of Marla’s valet Pelham… and that’s just the first couple chapters. This one’s gonna be fun.

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