September 27th, 2011

Dead Reign

Reasons To Be Generous

Some of you gave to my Kickstarter. Isn’t kickstartering addictive? Here are some interesting projects by wonderful people you might consider supporting:

North Carolina-based SF magazine Bull Spec has just three days left in their fundraiser to pay for their third year. (I’ve published work there, and hope to again!) They do great work, and are worthy of your support.

Tobias S. Buckell is doing a Kickstarter for The Apocalypse Ocean, latest novel in his Xenowealth series. Toby’s in kind of the same situation I was — he had a series from a major publisher, and though that publisher has declined to do further books, he still has stories to tell set in that universe, and fans who want to read them. He’s got 22 days to go.

Mary Anne Mohanraj is running a Kickstarter for Demi-Monde, an erotic SF story suite, which has a couple of weeks to go. Mary Anne’s a legend, writer of one of the first blogs on the ‘net (back when they were called online journals or diaries), author of SF and erotica and literary fiction, and founder of more magazines and literary organizations than you’d believe. (Also a hell of a cook, but that’s not really relevant here.)

Speaking of Mary Anne… she was the founder and original editor-in-chief of online magazine Strange Horizons, which published some of my earliest stories. (And has published me more recently too. I should send ‘em more stories.) SH is running their fall fundraiser right now. (Not on Kickstarter, but hey: giving is giving.) They’ve been publishing great fiction, poetry, and reviews for over a decade — but they can’t keep doing it without your help.

Take a look, and help put the “fun” in “crowdfunding!” (And also the “fund.” That part’s important too.)

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