tim_pratt (tim_pratt) wrote,

New Literary Movement

I've been meaning to post about this for a while. I'm not really one for manifestos, but it's become increasingly apparent to me that we need a new literary movement. I've been interested for a while in metafictional works of SF and fantasy that include the author as a character (like some of Jeffrey Ford's stories, or Rudy Rucker's transrealism). I experimented with the subject in a recent story I wrote, "Her Voice in a Bottle." And while the results were satisfactory (me, and my voice, explicitly present in a fantasy story) they seem, ultimately, rather too limited.

It's clear to me now that I need to appear as a major, preferably heroic, character in everyone's stories. Tim Pratt, on the page, fighting air pirates, defusing space bombs, sexing up the sexy sex nymphs, and what have you. (When a female or neuter character is necessary, authors may wish to use my nom de plume "T.A. Pratt") The name for this literary movement will, of course, be PrattPunk (except in the U.K., where a "prat" is an asshole or moron, where the movement will be known as TimPunk).

To ease your transition into this new compulsory movement, I'm releasing myself under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license, which allows you to use or modify the source material -- me -- for your own work, while giving the creator -- me -- due credit for the original material -- me -- and granting permission for others to modify your works (about me). I'll also turn a blind eye toward any unauthorized fanfic if enterprising authors wish to transform any existing works of SF literature -- Dune, say, or Harry Potter -- into ideologically pure works of PrattPunk.

Happy writing, my Prattians!


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